Digital Library on Green Mobility


Advanced Clean Transportation Expo

  • Event Cordinator : Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA),
  • Venue : Long Beach, California
  • Event date : May 09, 2022 - May 12, 2022

ACT Expo serves as the official meeting place for transportation executives looking to gain hands-on access to the fuels, technologies, and vehicles driving the future of transportation. Each year, the show features dozens of product debuts and major announcements from the leading OEMs and suppliers, unparalleled networking opportunities with the most influential and progressive leaders in the industry, peer-to-peer learning for progressive fleet operators, and access to the most comprehensive assembly of advanced commercial vehicles anywhere. 

Online Course - EV Technology & Public Charging Station

  • Event Cordinator : Manoj Kumar M.K, Senior Technical Officer
  • Venue : Online
  • Event date : October 27, 2021 - October 29, 2021

This course initiates candidates into the emerging area of Electric Vehicles and helps learn the Basics of Battery driven Electric Vehicle and its Dynamics, Motors, Power Electronics, Batteries, Charging etc. The program consists of instructor led live lecture sessions and demonstrations.

How to decarbonise international shipping and aviation

  • Event Cordinator : Transport & Environment
  • Venue : Online
  • Event date : October 13, 2021

Shipping and aviation together represent around 6% of the world’s emissions, but the vast majority of these emissions go unregulated, in spite of the world’s pledge to address the urgent threat of climate change.

The Paris Agreement stipulated that Parties should make “economy-wide absolute emission reduction targets”, yet so far only the EU has accounted for aviation emissions in its climate plan - NDC in Paris Agreement jargon - and no state has included international shipping.

T&E has commissioned legal analysis of the Paris Agreement to analyse this omission, which will be discussed in the event. 

ITS World Congress 2021

  • Event Cordinator : ERTICO
  • Venue : Hamburg, Germany
  • Event date : October 11, 2021 - October 15, 2021

ERTICO – ITS Europe is a public-private partnership for promoting, developing and providing intelligent traffic systems (ITS) for the European market. The organisation's aim is to save lives, protect the environment and offer affordable mobility for everyone. 

Low Carbon Vehicle Event

  • Event Cordinator : Cenex
  • Venue : Millbrook, Bedford, U
  • Event date : September 22, 2021 - September 23, 2021

Low Carbon Vehicle Event is the UK's premier low carbon vehicle event. This event showcases products like Technology exhibition, Facilitated networking with the low carbon community, Ride & drive of the latest research & development and commercially available vehicles etc.

International Conference on Smart Transportation and Future Mobility (CSTFM 2021)

  • Event Cordinator : IASED
  • Venue : Frankfurt, Germany
  • Event date : September 17, 2021 - September 19, 2021

CSTFM 2021 will be commenced by creating an amalgamated global platform where enthusiastic researches, policymakers, stakeholders, and intellectual scholars getting together for a common purpose of identifying the challenges and issues in Smart Transportation and Future Mobility and sustainable methods to solve the particular issues by their combined research findings.

International Conference on Electric Vehicle and Vehicle Engineering (CEVVE 2021)

  • Event Cordinator : IAEEEE
  • Venue : Frankfurt, Germany
  • Event date : September 17, 2021 - September 19, 2021

The objective of this conference is to provide a platform and opportunities for researchers, scientists, scholars and engineers to exchange their research experiences and share new ideas to promote their research progresses in the field of Electric Vehicles and Vehicle Engineering with the discussion on practical issues, challenges encountered as well as solutions adopted. 

2021 International Zero Emission Bus Conference

  • Event Cordinator : Center for Transportation and the Environment Denver, Colorado
  • Venue : Denver, Colorado
  • Event date : September 15, 2021 - September 17, 2021

The International Zero Emission Bus Conference is the primary event for professionals who are leading the charge to electrification – equipping school, transit, and shuttle bus managers with the necessary tools to electrify their fleets.

Battery Module and Pack Engineering using modelling and simulation

  • Event Cordinator :
  • Venue : Online
  • Event date : September 08, 2021

Battery pack design is critical to the range, cost, safety, durability, and driving experience of an EV. The challenge in battery design is to strike an optimum trade-off between weight, cost and battery performance for the target application. In this session, FEA expert Mr Raghavendra Banchhor will cover how software modelling and simulation can help evaluate and meet multi-objective requirements for Battery Development. Event Agenda:

Advanced Clean Transportation Expo: The Future of Fleet: Today's most advanced vehicles, fuels & technologies

  • Event Cordinator : Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA)
  • Venue : Long Beach, California
  • Event date : August 30, 2021 - September 02, 2021

ACT Expo brings the North American transportation industry together for an expansive showcase of the technologies, fuels, policies, and organizations driving economic and environmental sustainability on our roadways. Each year, leading OEMs and suppliers leverage ACT Expo to unveil and display today’s latest innovations and next generation technologies.