Digital Library on Green Mobility


The DLGM aims to provide a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge, and draft documents among the different stakeholders of various organisations and institutions from India and abroad involved in low carbon transport in India.
Stakeholders comprise of government ministries, departments and institutions, civil society organizations, academia, research community, consultants, industries and corporate sector
Books, reports, case studies, policies/regulations, research papers/articles, journals, standards, training materials, videos and opinions.
The information content is produced, owned or controlled by other organisations that include research and academic institutions, government and non-governmental agencies, consultancies, bilateral and multilateral development agencies. In each case, the information material has been identified and referenced to the source.
Your contribution will be invaluable for developing the DLGM to make it inclusive, comprehensive, diverse and useful – so that knowledge can be used for transformation towards cleaner and greener mobility. We are very keen for all stakeholders to drive this initiative along as content collaborators and active users.
Yes, users need to register (with minimum information) before full-text content downloading or content submission.
Go to `SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT' for submitting your document. After due verification, the website administrator will publish the content which will be accessible to all.
Searching of required information can be done primarily through full-text or keywords. Further, you can use advance searching by combination of filter option i.e. by theme/sub-theme, author, date, or resource type.
You can submit files in MS-Word and/or PDF. Single file size should not exceed 20 MB. In case of videos, please upload the video in YouTube and provide the link.
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