Digital Library on Green Mobility

About the Services

Digital Library on Green Mobility website will cater wide range of online information services for stakeholders including policy makers, academicians, researchers and industry specialists. Important online information services are:

  • The website can be easily accessible through any devices - mobile, tablet or PC.
  • A one window aggregated platform to access knowledge resources like policies, reports, research papers, journals, books, videos, training manuals, news etc.
  • A robust and interactive search interface to retrieve various knowledge resources with multiple narrow down your search filters to access precise resources
  • You can search and view all the contents upto metadata level in the website, however, for downloading and submit documents in the website one can register
  • The Linkages section connects you with the leading organisations and institutions working in this field.
  • The website created provision of RSS feeds for registered users, where users can choose various contents types that they want to receive update on. It feeds the users with important resources of your choice given during registration process.

  • For any further query, please contact us.