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The First International Conference on Cyber physical Systems, Power Electronics and Electric Vehicles- ICPEEV 2023

  • Event Cordinator : Mahindra University
  • Venue : Hyderabad, India
  • Event date : September 28, 2023 - September 30, 2023

The objective of this conference is to provide a platform and opportunities for researchers, scientists, scholars and engineers to exchange their research experiences and share new ideas to promote their research progress in the field of IoT, Cyber Physical Systems, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles and Vehicle Engineering with the discussion on practical issues, challenges encountered as well as solutions adopted.

AVERE E-Mobility Conference (AEC 2023)

  • Event Cordinator : AVERE
  • Venue : Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Event date : September 26, 2023 - September 27, 2023

The AVERE E-Mobility Conference covers all aspects of e-mobility including academic research, EU policies, industry success stories, and future innovations. It aims to share knowledge and experiences to accelerate the electrification of transport in Europe. The conference also provides insights into the latest developments and effective policies for the growth of the e-mobility sector.

2023 Global EV Flat Wire Motor Industry Conference and Go China Workshop

  • Event Cordinator : CC GLOBAL
  • Venue : Shanghai, China
  • Event date : September 21, 2023 - September 22, 2023

EVmotor INSIGHT New Media- Serving the Electric Vehicle Motor industry, it will provide the latest motor news, technological innovations, case sharing, and cutting-edge trends; presenting in-depth industry insights from a unique perspective.

The Battery Show

  • Event Cordinator : The Battery Show
  • Venue : Michigan, USA
  • Event date : September 14, 2023 - September 16, 2023

The Battery Show brings together engineers, business leaders, top-industry companies, and innovative thinkers to discover ground-breaking products and create powerful solutions for the future. 

EV India 2023: An Electric Motor Vehicle Show

  • Event Cordinator : Green Society of India and Indian Exhibition Services
  • Venue : Gr. Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Event date : September 14, 2023 - September 16, 2023

EV India 2023 Expo is an International Electric Motor Vehicle Show will provides the opportunity and platform to electric vehicle manufacturers to showcase their latest Products , technology and equipment ,Smart and NextGen transport ,electric passengers cars , scooter , motorcycle , cycles , buses etc to meet and network with the trade industry as well as end users with the main aim to find out new business and protection of the environment . EV India Expo is the best public interactive platform for resources sharing, product purchase and brand display for the people and industry.

Battery Tech 2023

  • Event Cordinator : IQ International Pte. Ltd
  • Venue : Munich, Germany
  • Event date : September 04, 2023 - September 05, 2023

This exhibition and conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders across the electric vehicles battery supply chain, from suppliers and service providers to equipment manufacturers for the automotive industry. Experts will network and build cross-market relationships and discuss the challenges and opportunities in extending drive range and battery life to meet the needs of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE 2023)

  • Event Cordinator : Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities
  • Venue : TACOMA, WA
  • Event date : August 22, 2023 - August 24, 2023

The 12th Annual Green Transportation Summit and Expo is the region's best resource for fleets, community organizations, industry, policymakers, and thought leaders to join to advance green transportation. The event is comprised of three days of networking, information sessions, and workshops.

Accelerating the energy transition in Asia's transport through sustainable and equitable e-mobility

  • Event Cordinator : NITI -Aayog, US State department, NDC Transport Initiative for Asia (NDC-TIA), and Leadership Group for Clean Transport in Asia (LG-CTA
  • Venue : Salao 2
  • Event date : July 22, 2023

This side event will bring government representatives and practitioners to discuss efforts to harness and accelerate transport decarbonization in the region through initiatives like the NDC Transport Initiative for Asia and the Leadership Group for Clean Transport in Asia.

The session on “Accelerating the energy transition in Asia's transport through sustainable and equitable e-mobility",will be held alongside the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM14) and 8th Mission Innovation (MI-8) meeting. The side- event is jointly organized by NITI -Aayog, US State department, NDC Transport Initiative for Asia (NDC-TIA), and Leadership Group for Clean Transport in Asia (LG-CTA). This side event focuses on bringing together government representatives and practitioners from across the NDC-TIA and LG-CT A network to exchange their experiences and lessons learnt from the development of the transport decarbonization pathways and strategies in Asian countries

Read more about NDC-TIA here: NDC Transport Initiative for Asia

Find the event details here: Agenda CEM | CEM-14/MI-8 (

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16th World Conference on Transport Research

  • Event Cordinator : WCTRS
  • Venue : .
  • Event date : July 17, 2023 - July 21, 2023

The aims of the conference are to bring together experts in all areas of transport research from all parts of the world and to stimulate the exchange of ideas in the field of transport policy and practice. 


  • Event Cordinator : TERRAPINN
  • Venue : ExCel, London.
  • Event date : June 21, 2023 - June 22, 2023

MOVE is a passionate, sustainable event created to promote and develop sustainable urban transport. Move has a goal to make Earth’s transport sustainable, and to create an exciting, innovative transport system that is full of possibilities.