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Exploring the Characteristics of Technological Knowledge Interaction Dynamics in the Field of Solid-State Batteries: A Patent-Based Approach

Publication Year: 2022

Author(s): Block A, Song CH


This study provides a novel patent-based analysis framework for identifying the latent knowledge structure of technological domains by adopting dynamic perspectives. It uses patent data collected between 2010 and 2018 to systematically examine and visualize promising knowledge interactions that could foster the advancement of solid-state battery technology. Moreover, solid-state battery technology is compared with lithium-ion battery technology to demonstrate the difference in development focus. Based on different metrics and methodological designs, the results indicate that solid-state batteries are an emerging field driven by the uptake of electric vehicles. The results also reveal that a critical factor for desirable cell performance in lithium-based solid-state batteries is an improvement to electrode-electrolyte interface stability, while the most critical factor for lithium-ion batteries is electrode materials. Additionally, materials, advanced manufacturing, battery engineering, and automotive sectors must work together to establish a dominant design and corresponding value chain. Moreover, like with lithium-ion batteries, Asian manufacturers are dominating the patent space. The proposed framework is expected to add a new empirical perspective to the discussion of sustainable technology development and provide insight into innovation areas where key players can coordinate their activities to ramp up R&D operations.

Source of Publication: Journal of Cleaner Production

Vol/Issue: 353, 131689: 1-21p.

DOI No.: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2022.131689

Publisher/Organisation: Elsevier Ltd.

Rights: CC BY-NC-ND license (


Theme: Battery Technology | Subtheme: Solid state batteries

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