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Road Vehicles: Battery Operated Vehicles

Code Of Practice

Publication Year: 2017


This standard provides guidelines for construction, functional safety and test methods for battery operated automotive vehicles.

NOTE - In addition to above battery-operated vehicles shall comply with various performance and safety-related tests, for example, brake, gradeability, pass-by noise measurement, installation and performance requirements of lighting and light signalling devices, electromagnetic radiation, etc, as applicable to the vehicle category as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 (as amended from time-to-time).

Series Edition: 2010

Standard No.: IS 15886

Country: India

Publisher/Organisation: Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Rights: Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)


Theme: Standards and protocols | Subtheme: Design & safety standards

Tags: Bureau of Indian Standards, BIS, The National Standards Body of India, Battery Operated Vehicles, Road Vehicles, Construction, Functional Safety, Test Methods, Battery Operated Automotive Vehicles, Battery, Code Of Practice

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