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Coordinating E-Mobility Charging for Frequency Containment Reserve Power Provision

Publication Year: 2018

Author(s): Schlund J, Steinert R, Pruckner M


All over the world, both the energy and transport sector are in a process of change. This paper present a novel approach of coordinating battery electric vehicle charging processes as an ancillary service for the grid. This concept enables a mass integration of battery electric vehicles into the electrical power system and mobilizes flexibility options for large scale frequency stability. Therefore the authors consider and simulate a virtual power plant consisting of 65 private and optionally according public charging stations. The object oriented model includes a stochastic availability model based on publicly available data, a routing model of battery electric vehicles, a model for the electricity consumption and the battery and a model for the charging stations with different charging plans. These charging stations are controlled by an adapted version of a previously developed virtual power plant controller. The extensive simulations show, that such a system consisting of private charging stations is able to provide frequency containment reserve power in a trustworthy way if either provided with back-up power by stationary batteries or supported by public charging stations. Furthermore, the authors emphasize, that the proposed system so far is only able not to violate the required frequency containment reserve power provision throughout the year, but is not always holding the necessary capacity in reserve to be conform to the current regulatory.

Source of Publication: e-Energy 2018 - Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems

Vol/Issue: 556-563p.

DOI No.: 10.1145/3208903.3213892

Publisher/Organisation: Association for Computing Machinery, Inc

Rights: Association for Computing Machinery, Inc


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

Tags: Battery electric vehicles, BEV, Charging stations, Electric vehicles, Fast charging, Vehicle to grid (V2G), Vehicle-to-Grid

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