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A Guidance Document on Accelerating Electric Mobility in India

Publication Year: 2019

Author(s): Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation , WRI India, Center for Battery Engineering and Electric Vehicles (CBEEV)


Leveraging electric mobility will bring multiple environmental and economic gains for India. Many recent developments toward sustainability in transport are being conducted to this belief such as advances in battery technologies, increasing energy density of batteries etc. However, new technology intervention in EV and designing a transition strategy to electric mobility implementation should consider lower pricing, high ambient temperatures and low Indian driving speeds as compared to other countries. This report presents a strategy in five parts that would be relevant for India. The first part presents the potential gains from India’s adoption of electric mobility and the unique features of the Indian context. The second part highlights the components of the electric mobility system, comprising electric vehicles, batteries, battery re-energising systems, and other factors like manufacturing facilities, research and development etc. The third part presents challenges and strategy for transition in the Indian context. The fourth part covers policy measures that have so far been adopted at the central, state and local levels and also presents some measures adopted internationally towards the electrification of transport and the last part covers potential business models for different components of the electric mobility system. 

Country: India

Publisher/Organisation: Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Rights: Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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