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Highly Resolved Projections of Passenger Electric Vehicle Charging Loads for the Contiguous United States

Publication Year: 2023

Author(s): Yip A, Hoehne C, Jadun P, Ledna C, Hale E, Muratori M


This report documents enhancements made to the Transportation Energy & Mobility Pathway Options™ (TEMPO) model to project spatially, demographically, and temporally resolved national-scale electric vehicle (EV) charging load profiles and describes three scenarios and corresponding data sets created for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) demand-side grid (dsgrid) project in support of bulk power systems modeling. In brief, TEMPO was enhanced to disaggregate national and annual energy demand projections into householdand county-level projections of passenger EV hourly charging load profiles (8760 profiles), accounting for consumer, travel, and temperature variations that impact EV energy demand. In alignment with NREL’s forward-looking grid modeling, three scenarios for EV adoption covering 2020–2050 were created—Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) Reference Case, Electrification Futures Study (EFS) High Electrification, and All EV Sales by 2035—and associated data sets have been included in the dsgrid platform for public use.

Country: United States of America

Publisher/Organisation: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


Theme: Charging Infrastructure | Subtheme: Public charging station

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