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Environmental Hypocrisy? Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Adoption and Pro-Environmental Attitudes in The United States

Publication Year: 2024

Author(s): Squalli J


This study explores environmental hypocrisy, wherein individuals or groups profess pro-environmental beliefs but engage in incongruent behaviors. The study examines the impact of pro-environmental attitudes on the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in the United States, examining whether it reflects genuine environmental concern or hypocrisy. The study provides evidence of environmental hypocrisy, which is supported by the fact that U.S. states with a higher proportion of survey respondents expressing pro-environmental attitudes exhibit a reduced preference for HEVs. In addition, the adoption of PHEVs and PEVs does not correlate significantly with pro-environmental sentiments; rather, economic considerations emerge as the primary influencing factor. The policy recommendations offered depend on the specific focus of policymakers. For those aiming to boost EHV adoption through any means, the study suggests short-term measures aligned with the individual preferences of EHV buyers. However, for those who seek to tackle environmental hypocrisy, it is essential to go beyond individual actions and consider collective and systemic changes that foster a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility over the long term.

Source of Publication: Energy

Vol/Issue: 293: 130670

DOI No.: 10.1016/

Country: United States of America

Publisher/Organisation: Elsevier

Rights: Elsevier Ltd.


Theme: Sustainable transportation | Subtheme: Environment Impact

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