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Certain Investigations on the Development of Electric Vehicle Control Schemes

Publication Year: 2015

Author(s): Veerakumar S


This thesis introduces a new propulsion scheme for EV to reduce CO2 emissions. Four major areas focussed in the proposed Thesis are selection of motors for EV propulsion, compact converter design, and development of SVPWM algorithm for controlling EV propulsion and an optimization solution to reduce the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) reduction from the converter. This thesis covers wide variety of electric motors that are suitable for the propulsion of EV. Three types of AC motors namely Copper (Cu) rotor Induction Motor, Aluminium (Al) rotor induction motor and Inserted Permanent Magnet (IPM) rotor induction motor are analyzed based on the thermal study, driving cycle, motor cost, and converter power ratings. The magnetic flux density is identified at various temperature limits, and the motor driving cycles for urban and suburban areas have been analyzed. Multilevel Inverter (MI) with various loading conditions has been analyzed and the inverter power rating is determined.

Country: India

Rights: Anna University


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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