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Overview of Shared Mobility: Growth, Trends, and Indicators to Watch

Adam Cohen, Researcher, University of California, Berkeley

Publication Year: 2019

Author(s): Cohen A


This presentation by Adam Cohen, Researcher, University of California, Berkeley, provides an overview of the following:

1. Shared Mobility, Trends, and Indicators to Watch

2. Shared Mobility Growth and Industry Benchmarks

3. Shared Mobility and Public Transportation

4. Integrated Mobility and Emerging Technologies

Country: United States of America

Publisher/Organisation: International Transport Forum (ITF)

Rights: International Transport Forum (ITF)


Theme: Sustainable transportation | Subtheme: Shared mobility

Tags: International Transport Forum, ITF, Passenger mobility, Passenger vehicles, Public transport, Sustainable mobility, Sustainable urban mobility, Transportation system, Urban mobility, E-mobility, Ferries, Taxis, International Transport Forum (ITF), Integrated Mobility, Emerging Technologies, Public Transportation, Trends, Disintermediation, Disaggregation, Dematerialization, Innovative transportation solution, Mobility on Demand, MOD, Mobility as a Service, MaaS, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Europe, USA, Shared micromobility, Last mile delivery, Electrification, Automation, China, Built environment, Paratransit, Motorized vehicles, Shared automated vehicles, SAVs

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