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State/UT Strategies for Transforming Mobility

A Compendium

Publication Year: 2018

Author(s): NITI Aayog, Move Global Mobility Summit


In the context of rising urban population in India, even now three fourth of population still residing in rural hamlets with not so efficient mobility systems. Their socioeconomic development needs look forward to advancing this mobility vision and strategy. This report aims to state-wise strategies, action plans for multimodal, seamless, efficient and integrated mobility systems that is economically viable for operators; affordable, reliable and safe for users and pursuant of a low carbon path. This report highlights several of these challenges and also areas of opportunities for the States, existing capacity, policy framework and other initiatives in the transport sector of the States. Finally, the report elucidates key objectives and action plan for the state to convert its vision into a reality by 2030. 

Country: India

Publisher/Organisation: NITI Aayog, Move Global Mobility Summit

Rights: NITI Aayog, Move Global Mobility Summit


Theme: Sustainable transportation | Subtheme: Shared mobility

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