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Electrification of on-demand mobility in Delhi: identifying strategic locations for public EV charging stations - summary for policymakers

Summary for Policymakers

Publication Year: 2020


Complementing the national, state and city level decarbonisation efforts taken by the government, public and private sectors, this policy brief endeavours to address the most critical operational issue of the availability of a robust EV charging infrastructure needed for electrification of on-demand mobility services,​​ potential costs and savings in cities. This study identifies strategic locations for the installation of EV charging stations in Delhi, through scientific modelling and a data-driven approach, that is required to meet the same ride-sharing demand with a fully electric fleet. The framework developed in the study can be applied to other cities. By strategically locating charging stations along high-demand corridors within a city, the government can also ensure high utilization of the charging stations. Overall, through the adoption of e-mobility, a city can witness a reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while reducing costs and increasing pay-offs for both drivers and transport network companies. The study also focuses on the fact that e-mobility reduces reliance on import-dependent fossil fuels at the national level, making the country energy secure.   

Country: India

Publisher/Organisation: UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) & Ola Mobility Institute

Rights: UCLA & Ola Mobility Institute


Theme: Charging Infrastructure | Subtheme: Public charging station

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