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66 per cent customers ready to buy electric vehicles: Survey

  • March 22, 2021

Source: ET Energyworld

An increasing number of Indian customers are willing to buy electric vehicles of late, the government has been making a determined push towards electric mobility. At present, EVs contribute less than 1 per cent of total vehicles sold, but has the potential to scale up to 5 per cent within a few years. In 2019-20, about 3.8 lakh electric vehicles were sold in India of which 58 per cent were low-speed E3W and 40 per cent E2W, according to a CarDekho OMG survey.

Ola to set up cell manufacturing plant for powering Lithium-ion battery

  • March 17, 2021

Source: Business Standard

Ola Electric is working on a plan to set up a cell manufacturing plant to power its lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. Once executed , it could become one among the first few Indian manufacturers to do so since all the cells for the battery are currently imported. Ola will initially source the cells for the Li-ion battery used in its soon-to-be-launched e-scooters from South Korea. The batteries are going to be made in the upcoming integrated plant near Bengaluru where the e-scooter will also be manufactured.

Demand for e-vehicles in India more than doubled in 3 years

  • March 16, 2021

Source: ET Energyworld

As against 69,012 units of electric vehicles sold in India during 2017-18, its numbers increased to 143,358 units in 2018-19; and rising further in 2019-20 to 167,041 units. The adoption of electric vehicle by commuters is on the rise in the country as falling prices and government support is pushing up demand and increasing adoption of these green vehicles.

MG Motor India, IIT Delhi partner for research on connected, electric and autonomous vehicles

  • March 15, 2021

Source: Autocar Professional

MG Motor India has joined hands with IIT Delhi’s Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology (CART) for research in connected, electric and autonomous vehicles. The partnership through Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), IIT Delhi aims at furthering MG’s focus on CASE mobility (Connected – Autonomous – Shared – Electric); through enabling supporting research for deployment of electric and autonomous vehicles in the urban landscape in India.

Volkswagen presents technology roadmap for batteries and charging up to 2030

  • March 15, 2021

Source: Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Group presented its technology roadmap for batteries and charging up to 2030 today on its first Power Day. The goal of the roadmap is to significantly reduce the complexity and cost of the battery in order to make the electric car attractive and viable for as many people as possible.

Explained: How Tamil Nadu leads the global electric vehicle rally

  • March 10, 2021

Source: Business Standard

Tamil Nadu, one of the world’s 10 largest auto hubs, is now inching towards becoming one of the largest global bases for electric two-wheelers. Over the past six months, several auto majors and component suppliers have chosen Tamil Nadu to set up manufacturing facilities to produce about 4.5 million EV (electric vehicle) two-whee­lers cumulatively over the next five years.

NITI Aayog and RMI India release a new report ‘Mobilising Electric Vehicle Financing in India'

  • March 09, 2021

Source: Press Information Bureau

NITI Aayog and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) India released a new report ‘Mobilising Electric Vehicle Financing in India’, which highlights the role of finance in the India’s transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and analyses that the transition will require a cumulative capital investment of USD 266 billion (INR 19.7 lakh crore) in EVs, charging infrastructure, and batteries over the next decade. The report also identifies a market size of USD 50 billion (INR 3.7 lakh crore) for the financing of EVs in 2030—about 80% of the current size of India’s retail vehicle finance industry.

Kolkata ranks high on e-vehicle adoption list

  • March 05, 2021

Source: The Times of India

Kolkata has featured among six global megacities for its faster adoption of electric vehicles in mass transportation. The EV City Casebook 2021, which will be released on March 11, will have Kolkata as a case study along with Shenzhen (China), Santiago (Chile), Izmir (Turkey), London (UK) and Vancouver (Canada). Kolkata stands third — ahead of London — in terms of ‘percentage penetration of e-buses’. Significantly, Shenzhen is way ahead, with 99% of the world’s electric buses being in China.

Meghalaya EV policy aims to have 20,000 electric vehicles in the state by 2025

  • March 01, 2021

Source: HT Auto

The Meghalaya government has announced a dedicated EV policy that targets 15% electric vehicle penetration by 2025. The northeastern state plans to have around 20,000 electric vehicles within five year period. Under the Meghalaya EV policy, the state government will provide incentives to a limited number of early EV adopters.

Delhi government directs all state departments to switch to electric vehicles within next 6 months

  • March 01, 2021

Source: News 18

Taking forward the ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign, the Delhi government has ordered all its departments to replace all hired fuel vehicles with electric vehicles within the next six months. An order to this effect was issued by the Special Secretary (Finance), Delhi government. It has also been informed that the transport department of Delhi will be the nodal body to monitor the progress of the transition from existing diesel/petrol vehicle fleet to electric vehicles. It will also be necessary for all the departments to produce monthly action reports on the transition to EVs by the 5th of every month to the nodal department.