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Optimized scheduling of multicore ecus for in vehicle functions

Publication Year: 2019

Author(s): Senthil Kumar K


The number of Electronic Control Units ECUs in automotive vehicles have continuously increased in last few decades Scheduling multicore processing units for vehicle networks are always a challenging task .The next generation automotive OEMs started implementing AUTOSAR AUTOmotive Open System Architecture based multicore design in vehicle networks which include guidelines for designing centralized architecture with multicore ECUs for automotive control systems With AUTOSAR it is expected that computational control tasks of different functions can share one ECU or run on any ECU connected with in-vehicle network like CAN and FlexRay In this thesis we have described the optimization of scheduling the task for multicore ECUs using AUTOSAR. This analysis shows that the practical constraints imposed by standards such as AUTOSAR can lead to higher levels of schedulable resource utilization .This reduces both the overall component count and cost while facilitating easy enhancements .The ECUs are increasing in parallel along with the developments in the car But the more number of ECUs implementations results in a high overhead communication and device is large in nature .To minimize the ECUs as well as to perform the operations effectively the core concept is introduced In the core the more no of electronic control units are replaced by runnable and it is operated in a real time operating system. 

Country: India

Rights: Anna University


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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