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Design of Hybrid Storage System for Electric Vehicle

Publication Year: 2016

Author(s): Upadhyay Chetankumar D


Charge management in the battery is performed very effectively by the supercapacitor configuration. In the reference of battery life enhancement, the supercapacitor is most effective device. Using supercapacitors with battery the storage capacity of battery can be improved which is reliable in the emergence. It is worth having the Dempster – Shafer Theory (DST) for implementing to decide the motoring mode and regeneration mode as the decision has to be taken in microseconds for the working of the quadrant of the motor. The variable parameters are based on the historical data of the type of cycle, drivers’ decision and the method of driving. The switching signals are generated based on the load current direction, voltage of battery and voltage of SC available. The switching signals of the bidirectional converter is accordingly given such that the driver of EV can charge the SC and Battery without working about the decision for the current, voltage, torque and speed characteristics. The decision can save the energy of the average 1.8 Wh in each braking. An algorithm is developed to meet the requirement of Motoring and Generation using this Evidence Theory. The evidence theory (DST) is applied to find out the mode of operation for the Electric Vehicle. The data analysis has been done for the motoring mode and generation mode in three different cycles of operation as per Society of Automotive Engineers. The utilization of Electric vehicle with HSS has been proved here analytically that Heavy Electric Vehicles are well suitable for three available cycles – urban, semi-urban & sub-urban. The historical data of all two wheelers and three wheeler, four wheeler and heavy vehicle is analyzed for reliability and cost effectiveness. The data has been obtained by practical measurement of – notching period, running period, coasting period and the braking period. The results are well represented in the form of graph. The concluded efficient vehicle for the highly reliable has been designed structure wise for the location of the battery bank and SC bank. The Center of Gravity has been calculated using AUTOCAD software for location of HSS. The possible charging methods - wireless and with wire are also predicted here.

Country: India

Rights: Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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