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Policy on Electric Vehicles for the State of Kerala

Publication Year: 2019


For the state of Kerala, known for its environmental sensitiveness, bio-diversity and tourist attraction, e-mobility or electric vehicles is another step forward to ensure sustainable development for its people. The State Government plans to ensure a robust infrastructure for electric vehicles, that includes adequate power availability, a network of charging points, and favourable power tariff.

The vision of the Kerala government through this EV policy is to embrace electric mobility as a tool to promote shared mobility and clean transportation and ensure environmental sustainability, pollution reduction, energy efficiency and conservation and to create an ecosystem for manufacturing EV components in Kerala. The Government targets 1 million EVs on road by 2022 and a pilot fleet of 200,000 two-wheelers, 50,000 three-wheelers, 1000 goods carriers, 3000 buses and 100 ferry boats by 2020.

Policy Brief No.: GO(Ms) No. 24/2019/Trans

Country: India

Publisher/Organisation: Transport department, Government of Kerala

Rights: Transport department, Government of Kerala


Theme: Policies and Regulations | Subtheme: State level

Tags: Electric Mobility Policy, Electric Vehicle Policy, State Electric Vehicle Policy, State EV Policy, Electric Vehicle Policy, EV Policy, Kerala EV Policy, Kerala Electric Vehicle Policy, Government of Kerala

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