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Power Management of a Battery/Supercapacitor System for E-Mobility Applications

Publication Year: 2019

Author(s): Castiglia V, Livreri P, Miceli R, Pellitteri F, Schettino G, Viola F


Due to the increasing need to accumulate electricity, hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) have become very common in recent years in various applications, from electric vehicles (EVs) to smart grids and renewable energy. The concept of hybridization arises from the requirement of both high energy and specific power. The battery/supercapacitor (SC) system offers great advantages in a DC bus, giving the opportunity to provide high amounts of power to the loads. In this paper, a system composed of two bidirectional DC-DC converters, one connected to a battery pack and one to a stack of supercapacitors, is presented for a DC bus in electrical mobility (E-Mobility) applications. The proposed control technique is based on the concept of power sharing, so that the high-power spikes are mainly provided by supercapacitors, while the battery is responsible for providing the average power and recharging the supercapacitors when necessary. 

Source of Publication: 2019 AEIT International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive, AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2019

Vol/Issue: 8804541:1-5p.

DOI No.: 10.23919/EETA.2019.8804541

Publisher/Organisation: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.

Rights: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE)


Theme: Research and Development | Subtheme: Physical components/Hardware

Tags: Renewable energy source, Electric vehicles, Alternate fuels, Battery efficiency, Electric mobility, Battery Management, Power Management, Supercapacitors, Battery management systems, Battery Pack, Electric energy storage, Electric inverters, Electric power measurement, Vehicle-to-grid, Bidirectional DC-DC converters, Control techniques, Hybrid energy storage systems (HESS), Electric power transmission networks

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