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Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles

Institutional Bottlenecks and Possible Solutions

Publication Year: 2017

Author(s): PwC


In this report, the authors identify institutional bottlenecks that impede the development of the Smart Charging of electric vehicles. Possible solutions for the most important and urgent bottlenecks were subsequently identified. In this way, both market and government are assisted with concrete ideas in order to accelerate the development of Smart Charging in the short term. The study also provides a starting point for the design of an efficiently and effectively functioning market. 

The study is a follow-up to the PwC study into Tax barriers for Smart Charging (2017), commissioned by stichting ElaadNL. This study has been broadened with an overview of other institutional bottlenecks that impede the development of Smart Charging.

Publisher/Organisation: PwC

Rights: PwC


Theme: Charging Infrastructure | Subtheme: Commercial and Institutional charging

Tags: Electric vehicles, EV, EV charging network, Fleet operators, Smart charging management, Electric transport, Energy transition, PwC, ElaadNL

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