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Business Models to Exploit Possibilities of E-Mobility: An Electricity Distribution System Operator Perspective

Publication Year: 2019

Author(s): Vokony I, Hartmann B, Kiss J, Sőrés P, Farkas C


E-mobility is a fast-developing field of electrical industry both at national and international levels. Besides their environmental, social and economic benefits, electric cars offer further significant possibilities for distribution system operators (DSOs). This  research  aimed  to  suggest  profitable  business models  through  the inspection  of  international  practices, including technical solutions, the properties of the possible  customer group  and  the  methods  of  customer  compensation.   Present paper enlists solutions offering more than traditional optimization processes based on solely one objective function. The five business solutions proposed here aim at matching electric cars with the present and future operation of DSOs. Two methods (Vehicle2Home and Night Rider) target individual customers, while the other three proposals (E-pump, plug&WORK, ENTERPRISeFLEET) are for fleets. A common framework is used to describe these methods here, and both potential customers and the advantages for DSOs are given. This study focused on  defining potential customer groups based on conclusions drawn from international practices, and on the estimation of regulatory potential for each group.

Source of Publication: Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering

Vol/Issue: 48(1):1-10p.

DOI No.: DOI: 10.3311/PPtr.13471

Country: Hungary

Publisher/Organisation: Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution


Theme: Business Models | Subtheme: Procurement

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