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Car Jobs Under Power

How electrification and other trends will change the automotive world of work by 2030 and what that means for politics

Publication Year: 2021

Author(s): Agora Verkehrswende


Some studies are already available on how the climate policy transformation affects employment in the automotive world of work. However, their focus is quite narrow, mostly only the employment effects of electromobility are considered. In fact, the transformation is being driven by several factors. These include the digitization and automation of production processes, the growing importance of mobility services, the increasing networking of vehicles and the automation of driving. With this study, the authors try to broaden our view and answer the question of how the transformation affects employment both in the automotive industry and in related sectors.

To get to the point: the number of jobs remains stable on balance. But the consequences can be very different for each and every individual. After all, the transformation changes a lot - and what used to fit together may not fit any more afterwards: qualifications and new qualification requirements, for example. Or jobs that are newly created, but not necessarily where the old ones disappear - and where the employees and their families are rooted.

Publisher/Organisation: Agora Verkehrswende

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