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Changing Automotive Work Environment

Job Effects in Germany Until 2030

Publication Year: 2021

Author(s): Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Agora Verkehrswende


For this study, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Agora Verkehrswende examined how anticipated structural change would impact traditional automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. They also considered labour demand changes in EV-related sectors, including mechanical and plant engineering, energy production, energy infrastructure, and materials recycling. In addition to the technological transformation entailed by electric vehicles, the study takes into account five other trends that are anticipated to impact jobs: specifically, changes in market volume and distribution of vehicle classes; the digitalisation of vehicle fleets; productivity gains; and the offshoring of jobs to other countries. The study drew on interviews with market experts as well as data from 26 impacted sectors in Germany and Europe as a whole.

Country: Germany

Publisher/Organisation: Agora Verkehrswende

Rights: Agora Verkehrswende


Theme: Economic | Subtheme: Financing

Tags: Agora Verkehrswende, Electric vehicles, Energy efficiency, Market barrier

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