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The Future of Electric Vehicle Battery Technology

Publication Year: 2020

Author(s): Ayodele T


The world of electric vehicles is constantly evolving. Scientists are finding new ways to make electric cars more efficient, such as new and advanced battery technologies with longer lifespans and less energy consumption. The Future of Electric Vehicle Battery Technology is another enlightening plethora of the most up-to-date information and news on electric vehicles, following Dr. Taiwo Ayodele's previous book on electric cars, The Future of Electric Vehicles, A Sustainable Solution. This book explains the basics of the electric car and its battery before going into detail about advanced battery technologies for electric vehicles, such as lithium-ion batteries, solar energy, and more advancements in battery technology that eliminate range anxieties and put the buyers' mind at rest. This book gives the reader a detailed introduction to electric vehicles with its technical functionalities, their benefits over internal combustion engines, the interworkings of their different energy sources, their future in politics, and why they are the perfect cars for consumers almost anywhere.

ISBN: 9798657605976

Publisher/Organisation: Independently Published


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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