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Webinar | New Mobility Responses to COVID 19 Lockdown

Publication Year: 2020

Author(s): World Resources Institute (WRI)


The COVID-19 lockdown has brought our cities to a standstill, with necessary restrictions on people’s movements and the stoppage of all transport services. But transport is still needed- to help essential workers reach their offices, to help citizens visit hospitals and fulfil other emergency needs, and to help deliver groceries and other essential services to neighbourhood stores and people’s homes. A few private mobility enterprises are providing limited transport services for exactly these purposes, helping overcome problems of lack of transport for essential travel and irregular supply chains of essential goods. This webinar on ‘New Mobility Responses to the COVID-19 lockdown’ gives us an insight on first-hand perspectives from new mobility enterprises on how they’re supporting essential mobility through the lockdown, and the private sector outlook for urban transportation as we look ahead to a gradual transition out of the pandemic.

Country: India

Publisher/Organisation: World Resources Institute (WRI)

Rights: World Resources Institute (WRI)


Theme: Sustainable transportation | Subtheme: Passenger

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