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Design and Fabrication of an Affordable Ultra Capacitor Based Electric Vehicle

Publication Year: 2020

Author(s): Evuri Geetha R


Electric Vehicles (EVs) are slowly becoming the integral part of day to day life in our society owing to the depletion of fossil fuels as well as increased pollutants concentration in the atmosphere. Battery is currently used as an energy storage option for the EVs. But batteries suffer from low power density and short life issues. To overcome the aforementioned issues, in this thesis the ultra capacitor is introduced in the energy storage section of the EV in conjunction with a battery bank. The electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle or solar powered car obtains the input from the solar panel. The efficiency characteristics of battery, ultra capacitor (UC) and electric motor in an electric vehicle are analyzed with an optimal efficiency model proposed, based on interfacing ultra capacitors with batteries. newlineAs it is known that the energy storage devices are required for storing the excess energy during the production, and transferring the excess energy during the deficit, they are considered as major elements for the proposed vehicle. For this to happen, combination of ultra capacitors with the batteries has been proposed in this work. While lead acid batteries can store large amounts of energy and their energy reduces for the duration of quick changes in load. Ultra capacitors can go together with the battery in a hybridized energy storage system, so as to provide the energy when required and also increase the battery lifetime. The proposed work involves the design of different types of converters and also controlling of the converters. The converters have been controlled with the conventional controllers like PI, PID and intelligent controller like fuzzy controller and the comparison has been made to enhance the better performance of the system.

Country: India

Rights: Department of Electrical and Electronics engineering, Vignans Foundation for Science Technology and Research


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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