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Portable electric vehicle charging device

Inventor/Assignee: Jose Enrique PARRA ORTIZ, Jose Gerardo MUNIZ ELIZONDO | Current Asignee: Schneider Electric USA Inc


A portable, lightweight electric vehicle charging device includes a set of connector cables adapted to connect to the battery terminals of first vehicle having an internal combustion engine and includes an EV cable adapted to connect via an EV power connector to a charging port of a second vehicle that is an electric vehicle. The charging device receives DC power from the battery terminals of the alternator, converts it to AC power using an inverter, conditions the output of the inverter, and outputs AC power of at least about 50 watts continuous to the electric vehicle charging port. In other aspects, higher levels out output power are provided, up to about 325 watts continuous, as is limited by the configuration of the charging device circuit and the power output of the first vehicle's alternator.

Maturity Timeline:

2013-03-15: Application filed by Schneider Electric USA Inc

2013-03-15: Priority to PCT/US2013/032294

2016-01-28: Publication of US20160023562A1

2018-05-08: Application granted

2018-05-08: Publication of US9963038B2

Advantages of EV Chargers

• One of the best advantages of using the EV is it saves the environment from being polluted from fossil fuels. The increase in the population and their desires which are causing global warming, can be reduced with the EV.
• More quiet
• Cheaper and easy to charge.
• Best speed experience

Disadvantages of EV Chargers

• It consumes time depending on the charger source is used.
• The unavailability of the required charging stations in India.
• It’s expensive
• Minimal amount of pollution

Year of Development: 2013

Patent: US9963038B2

Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles


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