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Prospective EV buyers worry over costs

Publication Year: 2020

Author(s): Basu A


The upfront cost of electric vehicles (EV)s, battery replacement and the distance a vehicle can run on a single charge are the top concerns for people planning to buy EVs, according to a survey by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

The potential of EVs to reduce pollution, carbon emissions and oil dependency in India has prompted the government to push for wider adoption of the technology.

This post by The Telegraph India highlights TERI's survey on consumer perception and how it affects the buying decision of a prospective buyer. The survey also found that the ability of EVs to cover a limited distance in comparison to internal combustion engines had an impact on perception and highlighted an important concern. 

Country: India

Publisher/Organisation: The Telegraph

Rights: The Telegraph


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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