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Study of EMI EMC Protection Methodology for Automotive Electrical systems

Publication Year: 2009

Author(s): Imaya kumar A


The automotive electrical system for a tracked vehicle for newline defence is very complex as the several systems have to function in close newline proximity. The electromagnetic interference EMI is the phenomena of newlinecoupling of electromagnetic energy intentionally or unintentionally by one newlinesystem to a neigbouring system leading to either malfunction degradation newlineof performance or catastrophic failure. The Electromagnetic compatibility newline EMC is the ability of a system to give the intended performance in the newlinepresence of EMI.The tracked fighting vehicle has to meet the stringent EMI EMC newlinerequirement conforming to the various military standards such as MIL newlineSTD 461 C MIL STD 220A MIL STD 5087 etc during their normal newlinePerformance. The subsystems are required to perform without loss of newlineSignal degradation of performance or equipment failure. The entire study newlineis mainly concentrated on power supply modules and control elements of newlinethe vehicle.

Country: India

Rights: Anna University


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