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Analysis of Microgrids for Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Charging Stations

Publication Year: 2019

Author(s): Ahmad F


The present lifestyle of mankind thrives on consumption of electric energy thereby making it an inevitable necessity. The increasing population has led to ever-growing energy demand. Majority of the total electricity demand is met through conventional sources which are continually depleting and raising serious environmental concerns. Moreover, the swiftly growing structure of urbanization and smart cities facilitating the transportation era at peak. So, there is a rising pattern of conventional automobiles leading to the high contribution of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission. Thus, it can be said that the rising atmospheric adulteration due to the exponential growth in urbanization, industrialization and an increase in the number of on-road vehicles is becoming an alarming issue for the urban communities. To mitigate this escalating issue, there is a direct need for the implementation of alternative fuel based distributed generation (DG) and the transportation system. In this regard, microgrid based Electric Vehicles (EVs) charging stations are gaining immense consideration.

Country: India

Rights: Aligarh Muslim University


Theme: Charging Infrastructure | Subtheme: Electric bus charging

Tags: Battery electric vehicles, Charging Technology, Electric vehicle charging, EV charging infrastructure, EV charging, Opportunity charging, GHG emission, Plug in hybrid vehicle

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