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Transportation Science

Publication Year: 1969


Transportation Science, published quarterly by INFORMS, is the flagship journal of the Transportation Science and Logistics Society of INFORMS. As the foremost scientific journal in the cross-disciplinary operational research field of transportation analysis, Transportation Science publishes high-quality original contributions and surveys on phenomena associated with all modes of transportation, present and prospective, including mainly all levels of planning, design, economic, operational, and social aspects. Transportation Science focuses primarily on fundamental theories, coupled with observational and experimental studies of transportation and logistics phenomena and processes, mathematical models, advanced methodologies and novel applications in transportation and logistics systems analysis, planning and design. The journal covers a broad range of topics that include vehicular and human traffic flow theories, models and their application to traffic operations and management, strategic, tactical, and operational planning of transportation and logistics systems; performance analysis methods and system design and optimization; theories and analysis methods for network and spatial activity interaction, equilibrium and dynamics; economics of transportation system supply and evaluation; methodologies for analysis of transportation user behavior and the demand for transportation and logistics services. 

ISSN: 00411655, 15265447

Publisher/Organisation: INFORMS Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences


Theme: Sustainable transportation | Subtheme: Environment Impact

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