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Electric Vehicles’ Choice Behaviour: An Emerging Market Scenario

Publication Year: 2024

Author(s): Kautish P, Lavuri R, Roubaud D, Grebinevych O


The adoption of electric vehicles worldwide is increasing due to increasing sustainability consciousness. However, empirical research on enablers and inhibitors of electric vehicle choice behavior, especially in emerging markets like India, has not been thoroughly explored. The present study employed a judicious mix of three notable theoretical lenses—dual-factor theory, innovation resistance theory, and the stimulus-organism-response model to empirically scrutinize electric vehicle adoption enablers and inhibitors by analyzing data collected from 391 young Indian sustainability-oriented electric vehicle users. The sample was gathered via the purposive sampling method, and the data was analyzed employing structural equations and PROCESS macromodeling. The research posits that consumer sustainability consciousness (CSC) is a stimulus with a positive influence on enablers (e.g., personal motives, social motives, and incentive policy) as well as inhibitors (e.g., usage, value, and risk barriers). Additionally, product involvement and perceived marketplace influence significantly moderate the relationship between choice behavior and facilitators and inhibitors. The research offers a few useful strategic decision-making insights for electric vehicle manufacturers, green marketers, and policymakers from emerging markets.

Source of Publication: Journal of Environmental Management

Vol/Issue: 354: 120250

DOI No.: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2024.120250

Country: India

Publisher/Organisation: Elsevier

Rights: Elsevier Ltd.


Theme: Sustainable transportation | Subtheme: Public

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