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Transforming Global Markets for Clean Energy Products Energy Efficient Equipment, Vehicles and Solar Photovoltaics

Publication Year: 2010

Author(s): International Energy Agency


In 2010, many major economies can point to successful examples of domestic market transformation for clean energy products, resulting in a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency and cost reductions that allow technologies to enter a growing number of markets. Yet there remains potential for greater, global market transformation within the end-use energy efficiency, renewable energy and transport sectors in all countries. Achieving this potential will require application of good practices at the national level, as well as a step change in international co-operation to increase incentives, remove trade barriers, co-ordinate domestic
policies, and harmonise technical codes and standards. This publication looks at three clean energy product categories: equipment energy efficiency; low-carbon transport, including high-efficiency vehicles and electric/plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; and solar photovoltaic power. Each section identifies ways to enhance global co-operation among major economies through case studies and examples, and ends with specific suggestions for greater international collaboration on market transformation efforts. An annex with more detailed case studies on energy-efficient electric motors, televisions, external power supplies and compact fluorescent lights is included in the paper.

Source of Publication: International Energy Agency

Publisher/Organisation: International Energy Agency

Rights: OECD/IEA


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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