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A Time of Unprecedented Change in the Transport System

The Future of Mobility

Publication Year: 2019

Author(s): The Government Office for Science (UK)


This report reflects on the history that has shaped transport and mobility in the UK, examines the current trends in the system, and considers different scenarios that will help policy-makers to identify the choices and trade-offs to come – and to grasp the exciting opportunities that exist.It covers the history of the system and key external trends, and looks in depth at users, freight, logistics and governance. It concludes by summarising insights from the analyses and highlighting priority issues looking towards 2040. Overall, it synthesises the evidence the authors gathered, which includes commissioned evidence reviews, roundtables with experts, and insights obtained from industry and academia.

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain

Publisher/Organisation: The Government Office for Science (UK)

Rights: The Government Office for Science (UK)


Theme: Sustainable transportation | Subtheme: Freight

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