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How to make urban mobility clean and green

Policy Brief

Publication Year: 2018


Population growth, economic development and continued urbanisation will lead to strongly increasing demand for urban transport. This growth will more than cancel out any CO2 emissions reductions made possible by new low and zero-carbon technologies. Projections see total motorised mobility in cities almost double (+94%) between 2015 and 2050. This growth will cause a 26% increase in CO2 emissions from urban mobility by 2050.

This policy brief by the International Transport Forum (ITF) highlights the most effective way to decarbonise urban passenger transport with the integration of Shared vehicles, powered by clean electricity, with existing public transport.

Publisher/Organisation: International Transport Forum (ITF)

Rights: International Transport Forum (ITF)


Theme: Sustainable transportation | Subtheme: Shared mobility

Tags: Co2 emission, CO2 emissions, Urban mobility, Passenger transport, CO2 emissions reductions, Low carbon technologies, Light-duty vehicles, Decarbonising cities, Zero-emission cars, Electric vehicles, EVs, Shared mobility, Emissions charges, Congestion charges, Urban transport policies, Low- carbon, International Transport Forum (ITF), International Transport Forum, ITF

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