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GridShield—Optimizing the Use of Grid Capacity during Increased EV Adoption

Publication Year: 2023

Author(s): van Sambeek HL, Zweistra M, Hoogsteen G, Varenhorst IAM, Janssen S.


With the increasing adoption rate of electric vehicles, power peaks caused by many cars simultaneously charging on the same low-voltage grid can cause local overloading and power outages. Smart charging solutions should spread this load, but there is a residual risk of incidental peaks. A decentralized and autonomous technology called GridShield is being developed to reduce the likelihood of a transformer’s fuse blowing when other congestion solutions have failed. It serves as a last resort to protect the grid against local power failures from unpredicted congestion by temporarily limiting the virtual capacity of charging stations. This paper describes the technical development and demonstrates how GridShield can keep a transformer load below a critical limit using simulations and real-world tests. It optimizes grid capacity while ensuring grid reliability.

Source of Publication: World Electric Vehicle Journal

Vol/Issue: 14(3):68: 1-15p.

DOI No.: 10.3390/wevj14030068

Publisher/Organisation: MDPI

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license (


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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