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Certain investigations on Performance improvement of front End power factor correction Converter in electric vehicle Applications

Publication Year: 2016

Author(s): Aiswariya s


Electric Vehicles EVs are evolving fashion trends in automotive circles and consumer awareness about them is developing quickly. Batteries of diverse technologies are the main energy storage elements present in these vehicles. With the growth of EVs battery chargers for automotive applications fetch a large market for the power supply industries Batteries are to be charged periodically from a single phase or a three phase supply which usually provided by the power grid EVs are provided not only with a DCDC converter which provides power for the additional parts but also with an ACDC converter to supply electric power from the power grid to the high voltage battery Conversely the vast usage of EVs will lead to several penalties to the power grid, mostly the load management becomes difficult and the electrical power quality gets disturbed. Consequently there is necessity to decrease the line current harmonics demanding the need for Power Factor Correction PFC and harmonic reducing circuits. Furthermore, for meeting the Power Factor PF and regulatory standards for the AC supply mains PFC is indispensable.

Country: India

Rights: Anna University


Theme: Vehicle Technology | Subtheme: Electric vehicles

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