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Homegrown EV brands rev up on green mobility, report 'double demand'

  • January 23, 2021

Source: The Times of India

According to homegrown electric vehicle manufacturers, interest in the green cars is peaking and there is already a spurt in demand. Ather Energy, an electric two-wheeler manufacturer in Bengaluru, has expanded its presence from an initial 9 cities in 2020 to 24 cities at present. According to an independent study done by Council for Energy, Environment & Water and Centre for Energy Finance, by 2030 cumulative EV sales in all vehicle segments could cross over 100 million units, 200 times its current market size. 

Ola to build INR 2,400-crore EV manufacturing facility with Siemens

  • January 20, 2021

Source: Business Standard

Ola has tied up with Siemens to build its upcoming electric vehicles (EV) manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu. The announcement comes after the mobility firm announced a INR 2,400-crore deal with the Tamil Nadu government last month to set up its first factory in the state. The manufacturing factory will generate almost 10,000 jobs and have an initial capacity of 2 million units a year.

Earth Energy to launch 6 new electric vehicles in 2021

  • January 19, 2021

Source: The Financial Express

Earth Energy EV, an electric vehicle startup, has announced its plans to launch six new commercial and non-commercial vehicles in the market this year. The brand promises 96% localisation for its upcoming products in the B2B and B2C segments. Earth Energy states that it will be producing EV batteries in India, and hence lower the prices on its EVs significantly since battery packs are the most expensive component in an electric-powered vehicle.

Lithium discovered In India: What does it mean for renewables?

  • January 19, 2021

Source: BW BusinessWorld

The Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India has declared that Mandla district in Karnataka has 1600kg Lithium. India has been dependent on Lithium imports for a long time.  The most widespread and well-known use of Lithium is in the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. With growing focus on renewable energy, these batteries are a viable alternative. India needs lithium to produce lithium-ion batteries used for electrification of transport and storage of renewable energy. to boost the nation's efforts towards electrification of transport. 

Tesla makes India entry, BS Yediyurappa welcomes Elon Musk to Karnataka

  • January 12, 2021

Source: NDTV

US electric car giant Tesla has made its entry in India and registered as a company in Karnataka's Bengaluru prompting Chief Minister Mr B S Yediyurappa to welcome CEO Mr Elon Musk to the country and his state. Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla will soon start its operations in India with an R&D unit in Bengaluru.

After 2/3 wheeler EV push, focus should be on public transport: Kant

  • January 11, 2021

Source: Business Standard

India has given incentives for buying electric 2 and 3 wheelers till now, and should shift focus on making it possible for public transport to move on eco-friendly fuels, Niti Aayog chief executive Mr Amitabh Kant said, speaking at a virtual event organized by Repos Energy and Tata Motors. The Centre has rolled out incentives of USD 1.3 billion for purchase of 20 lakh electric two- wheelers and three-wheelers till now. The focus should be on moving towards EVs, but also on moving people and not moving vehicles which can be achieved through public transportation and its electrification, Mr Kant said.

REIL to install over 4,000 charging stations

  • January 11, 2021


Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited (REIL) has contracted Okaya Power to supply, install and commission 4244 charging stations for electric vehicles across India. In 2020, REIL had contracted Okaya to build 200 charging stations in all major metropolitan areas and along highways. The follow-up order will now significantly expand this network and offer multi-standard columns (CCS, CHAdeMO, Type-2 and Bharat). The current order is funded by the Department of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.

Norway becomes first country to sell more electric cars than petrol vehicles

  • January 06, 2021

Source: Independent

Electric cars comprised 54% of all new vehicle sales in Norway for 2019. This makes Norway the first country to have sold more electric cars than petrol, hybrid, and diesel engines in a year. The Norwegian government plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2025, and is using tax breaks and financial incentives to encourage the purchasing of more sustainable vehicles. 

Hyderabad: Startup develops AI tool to repair EV batteries

  • January 05, 2021

Source: The Hans India

The IIT Hyderabad-incubated start-up PURE EV has developed Artificial Intelligence-driven hardware that automates identification and repair of defects in lithium-Ion batteries of electric vehicles. This next-generation technology completely does away with the requirement for customers to visit service centres to address battery defects.

City Link launches electric cargo vehicles in Bengaluru

  • January 05, 2021

Source: ET Energyworld

City Link Portal Pvt Ltd, a tech-enabled within city logistics start-up, has taken delivery of its first set of electric cargo vehicles (EV) from Mahindra and Mahindra. City Link planned its 'Think Green. Think EV' initiative late last year and has been working with the EV Ecosystem ever since.