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ABB introduces world’s fastest electric car charger in Europe

  • September 30, 2021

Source: India Today

ABB introduced its all-in-one Electric Vehicle (EV) charger, available in Europe from the end of 2021, and in the USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions in 2022. ABB’s Terra 360 is designed with the daily needs and expectations of EV drivers in mind, and leverages the rich field experience gained by ABB E-mobility’s large installed base.

Maharashtra plans consultations with stakeholders on seamless implementation of EV policy

  • September 29, 2021

Source: The Economic Times

The Maharashtra government had in early July announced its new electric vehicle (EV) policy with an aim to have a 10 per cent share of the electric vehicles in total registrations by 2025. The state government also wants to achieve a 25 per cent EV share in public transport in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Nashik.

EV demand for commercial use likely to increase by 15 times in 6 months

  • September 27, 2021

Source: The Economic Times

Demand for electric vehicles for commercial use is estimated to increase 15 times in the next six months, driven by the rise in fuel prices, incentives rolled out by the central and state governments and renewed emphasis by ecommerce companies to electrify their last-mile delivery fleets. Both central and state governments have announced incentives which have made electric vehicles a lot more affordable, while with low interest rates, EMIs have become smaller.

ARAI successfully develops indigenous chargers for electric vehicles

  • September 22, 2021

Source: Hindustan Times

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has indigenously developed charger for electric vehicles considering the need to boost the charging mechanism of electric vehicles in the country. ARAI has signed MoU with Bharat Electronics Limited to manufacture indigenous chargers for electric vehicles

Haryana govt to give subsidy on purchase of e-vehicles

  • September 22, 2021

Source: ET Auto

Haryana Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal Khattar has said that the state government has decided to give subsidy on the purchase of e-vehicles to encourage their use. The chief minister also said plying of CNG buses has been encouraged in Gurgaon till now to curb pollution, but now the emphasis will also be laid on running e-buses and e-autos there too.

Charging infrastructure: The roadblock that could stop electric vehicles in their tracks

  • September 17, 2021

Source: The Economic Times

To boost confidence amongst consumers, a readily available and fairly managed power distribution system for public and private charging infrastructure is necessary. Further, the electricity utilities in the city need to be ready to manage the increase in demand due to EV charging.

EV Plugs launches app to locate charging stations across India

  • September 08, 2021

Source: ET Auto

According to EV charging infrastructure aggregator EV Plugs, its app went live on September 8, 2021 with over 1000 verified listings alongside tips for the EV owners on making the most of it, while being there. The free app is available in both iOS and Android and the company website. Currently, there are less than 2000 charging stations in the country and a number of players, including Tata Power, Fortum, Delta, ABB and state -owned EESL, have ventured into setting up charging networks.

Assam’s Electric Vehicle Policy 2021 aims at 200,000 EVs to be deployed by 2026

  • September 06, 2021

Source: Mercom India

Assam has followed Maharashtra, Delhi, and Gujarat, which have earlier launched state-specific EV policies. The policy comes into effect from September 4, 2021, for five years (2026) or until the announcement of a new or revised policy, whichever is earlier. The Electric Vehicle Policy of Assam, 2021 aims for 25% EV penetration in all vehicle registrations by 2026.

Bengaluru discom plans to set up 140 more electric vehicle charging stations

  • September 01, 2021

Source: The Indian Express

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) plans to set up 140 additional electric vehicle charging stations across Bengaluru in the next six months as a part of efforts to boost usage of electric vehicles in the city. This will be in addition to the 136 stations installed at 70 locations.

Odisha announces EV Policy, aims 20% electric vehicle registrations by 2025

  • August 31, 2021

Source: Mercom India

The Odisha Government has announced the Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy, 2021, which aims to accelerate the adoption of EVs, especially in the category of electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and light motor vehicles. Promotion of EV and component manufacturing, including batteries, is also planned through the policy.